Overview of Services

Blue Asset Management is a buyer and seller of performing and non performing first mortgage notes collateralized by New Jersey Real Estate. The managers at Blue have proven track records in evaluating first mortgage notes in both bulk and individual formats. Blue Asset Management LLC has has a broad footprint throughout New Jersey allowing us to effectively evaluate market conditions and provide quality mortgage notes to our investors.

We strive to accurately leverage market conditions and achieve robust returns through strategic disposition of our mortgage notes. Due diligence services of both performing and non performing mortgage notes for purchase or sale include BPO’s, pricing, title, document review and rehabilitation in an efficiently and timely manner.

Having operated a footprint of Real Estate offices throughout New Jersey for over 25 years, our leadership knows the New Jersey Real Estate market like no other and has deep resources throughout the state.

Each of our asset managers is knowledgeable about the current local infrastructure and trained to effectively manage the fiscal challenges of today’s market in order to achiev optimum results on our real estate collateralized mortgage notes.

Internal Due Diligence

BPO’s – Value Analysis & Document Review

Blue Asset Management has been executing quality REO / Real Estate Asset Disposition services for over 25 years using quality control systems and models developed by the company’s founder, Charles Blumenkehl and used by hundreds of local NJ Realtors for more than a decade. Our company prides itself on timely and accurate value reporting and analysis through our network of brokers throughout the New Jersey real estate market.

Investor Reporting

At Blue Asset, we value transparency and integrity in all endeavors. For this reason, our investors have open access to their portfolio information whenever they want it. Blue Asset Management has retained the New York accounting firm of Kirschenbaum Lipsky, CPA

Business Planning

We analyze purchase opportunities very carefully to ensure the highest available returns in an efficient time frame.Each mortgage note  is evaluated based on predetermined investment criteria and sound stategic exit analysis before takingthe mortgage note into our portfolio.

Pricing, Title Abstracts and Documents

We oversee the review title, abstract, and documentation needs for new Blue Asset Management LLC mortgage note acquisitions. All pertinent documentation in its original form is carefully analyzed and cleared prior to closing any loan or property acquisition. Blue Asset Management maintains a documentation custodian relationship with Wells Fargo.

Review, Rehabilitation and Foreclosure Status

Blue Asset Management has developed an extensive network of real estate brokers, contractors and service providers throughout New Jersey to effectively meet the unique needs of each mortgage note investment.

Property Management

Blue Asset Management has a proven track record of effectively managing and maximizing value potential of all assets.

Value Enhancement and Resale

We effectively evaluate market conditions and reposition investments when viable to achieve robust returns.

Bulk REO Purchases

Blue Asset Management also purchases mortgage tranches of up to $30,000,000 UPB and Bulk REO Sales.